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Glory Guys Resin Kits

About Glory Guys

Glory Guys historical miniatures was only a dream in 2001. After 11 years of expansion,carefully and lovingly, taking one step at a time, the dream has been realized. The Glory Guys line specializes in western Americana, but has recently expanded to other eras, including historical busts and full figure kits in various scales. Starting with the 1st Bust kit (Special Thanks to John Lea, formerly of United Empire Miniatures, for casting that 1st piece), Glory Guys now includes nearly 30 Resin kits. Heartfelt Thanks to Master Sculptors Alan Black (Artefacts) and Terry Karselis (Pony Soldier Miniatures) for the sculpting they have painstakingly created for the line. Their God-Given Talents, along with their friendship, has greatly contributed to the success of this endeavor.

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Will Leary, 2012