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Artefacts 54mm Resin Little Big Horn Series

A001 George Custer-Classic pose Two Pistols Choice of heads $15.95
A002 George Custer -Standing, Clutching Left breast - Resin $17.95
A003 Tom Custer -Standing - with Battle Flag $16.95 Out Of Stock
A004 W.W. Cooke-Standing Loading Pistol $15.95 Out Of Stock
A005 Myles Keogh -On Ground Firing Upwards $15.95 Out Of Stock
A006 Officer - Standing Buckskin Jacket Loading Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A007 Office-Standing Suspenders, Wounded Left Arm $15.95 Out Of Stock
A008 Officer Bib Shirt Loading Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A009 Officer/Scout-Spread Knees, Buckskin Pants, Pistol $15.95 Out Of Stock
A010 OfficerStanding, Tunic, Raised Pistols $15.95 Out Of Stock
A011 Officer -Kneeling, Bib Shirt, Striped pants Pistol $15.95 Out Of Stock

Trooper Straw Hat & Vest Kneeling

$15.95 Out Of Stock
A013 Sgt.Standing Clubbing with Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A014 Corporal- Tunic, Kneeling, Firing $15.95 Out Of Stock
A015 Trumpeter- Standing $15.95 Out Of Stock
A016 Corporal-In Tunic Firing Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A017 Trooper-On Knees Bandaging left Wrist $15.95 Out Of Stock
A018 Trooper-Kneeling With Pistol and Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A019 Trooper-Kneeling Loading Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A020 Trooper-Wounded On Knees Arrow In Shoulder $15.95 Out Of Stock
A021 Trooper-Dead On Back $15.95 Out Of Stock
A022 Trooper-Standing, Arrow in Stomach $15.95 Out Of Stock
A023 Trooper-Standing At Ready $15.95 Out Of Stock
A024 Trooper-Kneeling Firing Pants Outside Boots $15.95 Out Of Stock
A025 Trooper-Standing In Tunic Firing Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A026 Trooper- Standing In Tunic:Firing Carbine, Pants Over Boots $15.95 Out Of Stock
A027 Trooper- Sitting carbine At Ready (Pairs With AH001 Dead Horse) $15.95 Out Of Stock
A028 Trooper-Dead Slumped Over Horse (Pairs With AH001 Dead Horse) $15.95 Out Of Stock
A029 Sgt.-Standing Loading Pistol Or Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A030 NCO- In Tunic, Running With Pistol Drawn $15.95 Out Of Stock
A031 NCO- Standing Firing Carbine Vest $15.95 Out Of Stock
A032 Scout- Standing Buckskins Firing Lever Action Carbine $15.95 Out Of Stock
A033 Civillian- Standing Firing Vest Pants Over Boots $15.95 Out Of Stock
A034 Regimental Standard With base $7.50 Out Of Stock
AH001 Dead Horse- Dead Cavalry Mount Lying on Right Side (Pairs With A027/A028) Resin $18.95
A035 Sergeant Dead On Side $15.95 Out Of Stock
A036 Bearded NCO Loading Pistol $15.95 Out Of Stock

Sgt. Major Sharrow-On Knees w/ Guidon

$16.95 Out Of Stock

United In Death, George & Tom Custer June 25, 1876.  Resin 

ALR001 The Last Rally - Limited Edition Pewter Kit - Includes G.A. Custer, 7 Troopers, 1 Dead Mount, 2 Guidons, Arrows, Carbines &, War Shield. BASE ON PHOTOS NOT INCLUDED. $199.00 Out Of Stock
ANB1 54mm Pewter Captain Nathan Brittles, US Cavalry $34.95 Out Of Stock
ANB2 54mm Pewter Captain Nathan Brittles Special edition - Alternate arms & heads $39.95 Out Of Stock
AHS 54mm Pewter The Horse Soldier $34.95 Out Of Stock

NOTE : Some if the B & M multiple figure kits may be purchased as singles. 

Cost for a Single Figure (If available) is $12.00.

Shipping & handling: 1-3 Kits $6.00.  2-10 Kits $10.00  Insurance is $1.30 per $50.00 of merchandise.

We are not responsible for loss or damage to uninsured items.  It's your call.  

International Customers please E-Mail me for rates.

Most orders processed within 24 hours of receipt.

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