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Glory Guys Resin Kits

GG001 Lt Col. G.A. Custer, June 25, 1876
1/6 Scale Resin Bust
GG002  Capt George Yates 54mm                                $12.00
GG003  Private Martin Quincannon, 2nd US Cavalry, 1866, 1/6 Scale Resin Bust                                 $49.95
GG004  The Last Charge Of Private O'Reily, 1863                                $49.95
GG005 Lt. Col. G.A. Custer March, 1876 Full Dress Resin 1/9 Scale Bust Kit $34.95
GG007 Sgt. Butler's Last Stand - June 25, 1876,
120mm Resin 
GG008 54mm Rio Grande Cavalry Officer Resin Kit (Foot)  $24.95
GG009 54mm Rio Grande Cavalry Officer Resin Kit (Mounted)  $35.95
GG010 100mm Captain Nathan Brittles, US Cavalry - includes resin Cavalry insignia
GG011 Lt. W.W. Cooke/US Cavalry Officer 1876 120mm Resin Kit with alternate Heads.
GG012 Cowboy With Trick Rifle 1/8 Scale resin Full Figure Kit $89.95
GG013 Cowboy with Trick Rifle 1/8 Scale resin BUST Kit $52.95
GG014 120mm Resin Royal Air Force Pilot, Battle Of Britain, 1940 $36.95
GG015 1/9 Scale resin Bust - George Armstrong Custer, 1864 $29.99
GG016 75mm Resin US Cavalry officer, 1880 (Optional heads and hands) $27.99
GG017 1/6 Scale Resin Bust Dodge City Deputy $36.95
GG018 120mm Resin Winter Dress US Cavalry Trooper - Alternate Heads for 7th Cavalry Trooper Or 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier. $47.99
GG019 45/54mm Western/ Victorian Woman or Youth Resin Kit  $12.99
GG020 120mm Resin Kit "Custer's Fall", 1876, Sculpted by Terry Karselis. $47.99
GG021 1/4 Scale resin "Mare's Leg" Kit $13.99
GG022 1/4 Scale resin Winchester 1892 44/40 Rifle Kit $13.99
GG023 54mm resin Officer 24th Of Foot, 1879, Zulu Wars Kit $23.99
GG024 1/4 Scale Dual Weapons Kit - Mare's Leg/Winchester 1892 44/40 Rifle
GG025 50mm resin "The Defiant Cavalier" US Cavalry Officer ACW or Plains Wars with Custom Base
GG026 50mm resin "The Defiant Cavalier" US Cavalry Officer ACW or Plains Wars with Downed Mount & Scenic Base
GG027 120mm Winter Dress US Cavalry Trooper Alternate Heads For uS 7th Cavalry Trooper or 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldier

DELUXE Kit With Downed Mount.

GG028 120mm Resin Downed cavalry Mount - Plains wars Or ACW

GG029 120mm Resin Sgt. Butler's Last Stand.

DELUXE Kit with Downed Mount 

GG030 54mm Resin US Cavalry Scout and Dog 1880's     
GG031 120mm Resin Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876 (Base Not Included)     
GG032 Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, Little Big Horn, 1876 DELUXE Kit With Downed Mount.     
GG033 75mm Resin Australian Light Horse Officer WW1   
GG034 54mm Resin George & Tom Custer "United In Death"  
GG035 "Soldier Blue": 7th Cavalry Trooper, 1876" 1/9 Scale resin Bust.     
GG036 54mm Resin The Price Of Glory
GG037 54mm Resin Captain Thomas Ward Custer
GG038 1/4 Scale Mexican Bandit, 1900 Bust  $79.99
GG039 90mm Colonel 1st Coldstream Guards, 1815 $34.95
GG040 75mm Victorian Police Sergeant Alex Tassell and Drumhorse Gendarme $74.99
GG041 100mm resin Colonel US Cavalry "The Horse Soldier" $34.95
GG042 75mm Resin Texas Ranger Gus & Pig $42.99

Pony Soldier Kits

PS001 U.S. Cavalry Officer 1866 $34.95 SOLD OUT
PS002 Rooster Cogburn, U.S. Marshal, 1/6 Scale resin Bust Kit $34.95 Out Of Production
PS003 Dead Shot - Apache Scout 1886 1/6 Scale resin Bust Kit $42.95
PS005 U.S. Marine, Korea, 1950 $46.99
PS006 1/8 Scale Templar Knight, 1099 Resin Bust Kit $46.99
PS007 200mm (1/8) Scale Resin Bust Trumpeter 24th Foot, Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift 1879 $39.99
PS008 200mm (1/8) Scale Resin Bust Afgan Fighter with AK-47 $39.99
PS009 Saladin 1/8 Scale Resin Bust $42.99

Mojoresin Kits

MJ001 Chato's Land 120mm Resin $32.95
MJ002 Have Gun Will Travel Resin $32.95

Morningstar 54mm resin Zulu Wars Kits

RD1001 Corporal William Wilson Allen, VC 24th Foot $23.95
RD1002 Trooper Robert S. Green, NMP,Trooper Henry Lugg, NMP Private William Roy 24th Foot $62.95
RD1003  Private John Williams (1395) 24th Foot $23.95
RD1004  Private William Jones (593) 24th Foot $23.95
RD1005 Private henry Hook, Private John Connolly 24th Foot $36.95
RD1006 Private Fredrick Hitch, 24th Foot $23.95
RD1007 Private Robert Jones, 24th Foot $23.95
RD1008 Mealy Bag Redoubt  $18.95
RD1009 Biscuit Box Redoubt   $18.95
RD10010 Lt. John Rouse marriot Chard, RE $23.95
RD10011 Lt. Gonville Bromhead 24th Foot $23.95
RD10012 Dr. James Henry Reynolds Army Medical Dept. & Wounded Trooper $54.99
RD10013 Colour Sgt. Frank Bourne 24th Foot $24.95
RD10014 James Langley Dalton & Walter A. Dunn, Commisariat Corps  $54.99
RD10015 Cpl. Ferdinand Scheiss NNC $24.99
RD10016 Pvt. Frederick Hitch 24th Foot Alternate Pose $24.99


NOTE : Some if the B & M multiple figure kits may be purchased as singles. 

Cost for a Single Figure (If available) is $12.00.

Shipping & handling: 1-3 Kits $6.00.  2-10 Kits $10.00  Insurance is $1.30 per $50.00 of merchandise.

We are not responsible for loss or damage to uninsured items.  It's your call.  

International Customers please E-Mail me for rates.

Most orders processed within 24 hours of receipt.

Paypal address : will1876@hotmail.com For Checks or Money Orders ( Checks must clear befor shipment) Will Leary, Sr. 95 Crystal Falls Dr. Tuckasegee, NC  28783